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Over the last 6 years Mediskin Laser has tried to built a reputation of being the number ONE clinic for every client that steps through their doors offering the latest in non-invasive beauty and aesthetic treatments.

From state of the art PAIN-FREE laser and IPL hair removal, to Fat Melting, Body Sculpting CEYA, that can melt away even genetic fatty tissue and pre determined Saddle bags and Post Pregnancy Flabby Bellies. Breast Lifting, Laser Skin tightening, Laser Skin Rejuvenation as well as two very unique treatments exclusive in the way they are performed by our therapists with 18 years of extensive research:



Radio Frequency

What Is Radio frequency?

ㆍRadio frequency is a revolutionary system using a sophisticated algorithms to control the dual treatment applicator varying the frequency and polarity to achieve variable energy focus in  different fat layers resulting in visible clinical results from the first treatment.
ㆍNo pain during the treatment.
ㆍMaximum effect.

The Benefits of Radio frequency:

ㆍNon-invasive and Non-surgical
ㆍNo need for anesthesia
ㆍNo need for cooling of the epidermis
ㆍEffective on all skin types and all skin colours
ㆍNo complications because of using the energy that does not damage the proteins
ㆍNo side effects and no down time
ㆍReduce the appearance of cellulite

FACILITIES what can you expect

For the completion of your beauty regime we also offer long lasting Manicures and Pedicures with or without Bio Scuplture Gel or Gelish, Safe Sunless Tanning by Carribean Tan, and Eyebrow Design.

We are committed to the well being of our clients, thus our mission is to constantly evaluate every new product, molecule, or machine technology that launches in the global aesthetic market. If there is a better product or treatment out there, we will try to find it.

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