STAR CEYA 2000 - Recently imported from Spain. We are now able to offer you this fantastic multi-purpose concept. This treatment sculpts and tones your body and face to perfection, besides regenerating degenerative conditions of the body.
CEYA introduces a "spring-board" treatment concept that will give you the client a new and sensational image.
CEYA allows our therapist the opportunity to fill the gap between conventional aesthetic beauty and plastic surgery. The therapist mobilizes the muscle in depth and sculpts facial and body features in order to put the muscles back into their original location.

NB: All treatments have an immediate effect on the skin leaving it smooth and rejuvenated after the first 40 minute session, lasting an initial three weeks. Consecutive treatments ensure a longer-lasting effect. One monthly maintenance thereafter is all that is required.

CEYA 2000 introduces a 2-simultaneous treatment concept, where the patient can be treated in a short space of time.

A new method of complete relaxation, which forces the mind to relax at Alpha state, which encourages relaxation and meditation creativity.

Brings the brain activity down to 8Hz ensuring a consistently relaxed and effective treatment. It ensures Biological Synchronism, making sure that the patient feels well rested in body and mind. What is normally achieved through hot and cold aqua/water spa treatments and massage, now achieved in 40 minutes with the CEYA, with spectacular results.

The results obtained for numerous medical conditions are of an exceptional quality and make it possible to treat various pathologies in a much more effective way, e.g. sports medicine, orthopaedic rehabilitation, pain management, traumatology, physical therapy, oedema, phlebology and aesthetic medicine.

Firming of breasts, Lifting of buttocks, Face lift, cm loss

The CEYA Slimming Treatment is the answer to all cellulite and saggy problems. With its revolutionary and safe Radio Wave Technology.

Reducing the toxin levels in the body, the CEYA instantly boosts the body's metabolic rate and blood flow, something all of us struggle with. CEYA has been tested in front of a notary republic, achieved FDA and is CE approved, to ensure the highest quality in slimming treatments.

What is CEYA SMART 2000 and how does it work?

The CEYA produces a radio-frequency current that flows through our tissue, between an active and a passive plate, and plays an important role at an internal level by bringing the blood from the outside to the inside of the tissue. The phenomenon is known as diathermy or hyperthermia. The current penetrates the layers of fat in the body and any other poorly irrigated areas therefor improving the circulation throughout the body, but in particular the areas between the plates. On the outside we only see it because the skin gets a bit pinkish and we feel an enjoyable sense of warmth. A revolution however takes place inside. Under the epidermal layer, large amounts of blood from the veins, capillaries and arteries flood the treatment area and drag away those waste materials and toxins that block oxygen from entering the cell membrane. This intercellular(between cell) drainage frees the cells affected by the lack of oxygen. Making the fat cells more susceptible for product penetration and fat burn during exercise.

What kind of treatments can be done with CEYA SMART 2000?

*Lymphatic Drainage : Electromagnetic drainage Ceya has a powerful Effect on our Lymphatic System. Eliminating toxins of high and low molecular weight, and the mobilization of the waste through the metabolism. It's powerful electromagnetic fields affect the body fluids, forcing their movement like a pressure pump. The amount of waste fluid removed are 30% - 60% more than conventional systems.

*Treatment of Cellulite : Cellulite is on of the most common problems of women today. Since it is originally a circulatory problem the CEYA acts directly by increasing circulation to improve oxygen supply to fat cells and tissue in the area.

- Body Courses are sold in packages of 10, 15, 20 & 25 sessions.
- Face Courses are sold according to your needs.

Please note: Top-up treatments are recommended for longer-lasting results, and a healthy lifestyle adds to the success of your course.


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