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Computerized Microcurrent System

Effective Anti-Ageing Therapy

A glowing, healthy skin is the physical basis of how people have come to judge their own and others' health, success and happiness.

Therapies that include anti-ageing have become the focus of the beauty-quest the world over.

What makes CMS-Physio so effective?

CMS-Physio is the exception. It offers an effective anti-ageing therapy with a foundation of thirteen years of academic and clinical research, and a further ten years of successful therapy.

The secret of effective muscle stimulation, as well as successful tissue repair, lies in the selection of proper amperage, frequency, wave form and polarity. The parameters of CMS-Physio (Pat. no 2002/7185) are consistent with the electrophysiology of healthy facial muscles; matching our biological electrical wave band.

This is whym with systematic CMS-Physio treatments, we can guarantee:

  • - Facial and neck muscles are lifted and toned by 60%
  • - Facial contours are firmer
  • - Expression lines are released by 60% - 100%
  • - Fresher complexion by 100%
  • - A more youthful appearance, with younger skin texture
  • - Pores are refined by 30% - 60%
  • - Lines and wrinkles are reduced by 60% - 80%
  • - Elasticity of the skin is increased by 80% - 100%
  • - Hydration and moisture retention is improved by 80% - 100%
  • - Sun damaged skin functions are improved by up to 60%

Medical facts on microcurrent stimulation

A 500% increase in the production of ATP (primary fuel used for cellulat metabolic purposes)

30% - 40% increase in the delivery of nutrients to the tissue intracellulary and expulsion of metabolic wastes extracellulary.

40% increase in protein synthesis responsible for tissue repair and regeneration

Increase in production of endorphins - our body's natural narcotic

How can CMS-Physio guarantee to slow down the ageing process?

Ageing cannot be reversed without an in-depth understanding


Its a biological fact taht every 28 days skin undergoes a natural shedding process. Amazingly, every single skin cell you have dies off at this time, and leaves, in its place, a copy of itself.

This means that every 28 days you have an opportunity to regenerate your skin

Through the CMS-Physio therapy, the DNA of each skin cell is stimulated to speed up the body's natural repair process, meaning the next copy it makes of itself is a better one. You begin to look younger, healthier and more luminous with each treatment.

In addition to the natural ageing process, many factors damage the skin's cell DNA and speed up ageing. As a therapist it is almost impossible to offer therapy that aids in maintaining the skin in the face of unavoidable factors of the modern lifestyle. These include exposure to cigarette smoke, alcohol, caffeine, pollutants, stress, surgery, illness, disease, sun damage and insufficient exercise. These factors result in dehydration and inadequate cellular nutrition.

CMS-Physio combats every single one of these skin ageing factors by reaching to the heart of the problem; damage to skin cell DNA. This therapy improves the entire cell function.

Muscle Lifting

The microcurrent stimulates the facial muscles to contract and release, toning them and increasing circulation, upping skin cell nutrition, hydration and oxygen levels. Habitual use of muscles as a means of facial expression can shape and set the muscles into fixed positions, resulting in deep lines and wrinkles. CMS-Physio tightens and tones the facial muscles, smooting the appearance of the lines and wrinkles.

With CMS-Physio, you can perform the following:

ESA: Electronic Skin Assesment assesses skin moisture levels in the Stratum Corneum (the most superficial layer in the epidermis) enabling the therapist to customize treatments. Irrefutible proof of skin dehydration increases retail sales by 100%.

Microcurrent muscle stimulation procedures

18 different muscle toning procedures

Facial treatment

17 preset facial treatments, from deep moisturising, detoxifying, calming and soothing sensitive skin to treating hyperpigmentation

Tissue repair

34 different preset programs for advanced skin treatments used prior to and after plastic/cosmetic surgery. This speeds up the healing process; reducing bruising and oedema, and aiding lymphatic drainage. the most astounding effect is that the skin heals without leaving a scar.

Professional medical customization

The machine comes in two versions; the medical version (MV) which has a manual mode for customisation and combination of parameters, and the aestheticienne version (AV) with preset programs only.

CMS-Physio would be ideal for the following clients:

  • - Youthful clients who wish to treat problem skin or simply prevent ageing
  • - Mature clients who wish to slow the ageing process
  • - Clients with skin damage or trauma

As a pre- and post-operative treatment for clients having cosmetic surgery including surgical face-lift, laser resurfacing, mechanical dermabrasion and chemical peeling

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