Vacuum Suction

Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Suction Massage is an electrical method for lymphatic drainage. The effects of this treatment empty the lymph quickly. The small ducts are emptied under pressure and blockages are released. The skin circulation increases as well as temperature & colour.  Dead skin cells are removed, the skin is more refined and fine lines are eased.   Lymphatic Drainage Vacuum Suction Massage can increase lymph flow 10 to 20 times.


Lymphatic drainage will help with the following:

·       Increases lymphatic flow

·       Increases vascular flow

·       Reduces water retention

·       Stimulates metabolism

·       Firms and tones

·       Stimulates dry skin

·       Improves fatty deposit absorption

·       Reduces oedema from traumas such as a sprained ankle or bursitis

Reintroduces a rhythm and a pulse to a sluggish system

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