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Welcome to our curated selection of body-contouring treatments, where your wellness journey begins. Experience the transformative power of Venus Slimming, a non-invasive solution designed to sculpt and tone your body, promoting a sleeker silhouette. Our EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) treatments offer a dynamic approach to fitness, engaging muscles for effective toning and strengthening. Unveil a slimmer you with our Biominceur Wrap, a luxurious wrap designed to target stubborn areas, promoting detoxification and inch loss. At MediSkin, we blend cutting-edge technologies with personalized care to bring you the ultimate body-enhancing experience. Embrace the confidence that comes with a revitalized and sculpted physique. Discover the possibilities with our body-contouring treatments today.

Venus Slimming

Slimming & Body Contouring

Venus Legacy is the ideal device for cellulite treatment. Legacy combines multi-polar radio frequency (RF) & pulsed electromagnetic fields with intermittent suctioning. This simultaneously shrinks fat, stimulates collagen production & improves circulation as well as lymphatic drainage.

Area Dependant: 

30 min Fat Burning & Tightening R285
45 min Fat Burning & Tightening R385
60 min Fat Burning & Tightening R450


Electronic muscle stimulation

EMS is a physical therapy and fitness technique. Like TENS, it involves a machine that transmits electrical impulses through electrodes that are applied directly to your skin. Unlike TENS, though, the electrodes from an EMS machine are applied to key muscle groups.

EMS 30 R250

Biominceur Wrap


This treatment is more than a body wrap; it also has an array of additional therapeutic benefits. Besides focussing on slimming, firming & toning, it also detoxes, stimulate the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation, and improves stretch marks, varicose & spider veins, capillary redness and helps for restless (heavy) legs and more. Biominceur consists of 3 gels and a cream, and unlike other wraps, does not have any clay, exfoliating, shower, rinsing or compression components to the treatment. If offers REAL results due to the actual lipolysis, detoxing, lymph stimulation and other scientific processes that takes place internally. Unlike other wraps available, Biominceur does not treat the symptoms, but it treats the root cause, which means the symptoms will systematically disappear.

Arm Wrap R550
Betaplus Peel R500
Biominceur Arms R300
Biominceur Legs R450
Biominceur Stomach R400

*Special Note – Before & After images are In combination with other treatments.

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For the completion of your beauty regime we also offer Long Lasting Manicures and Pedicures with or without Bio Scuplture Gel or Gelish, Safe Sunless Tanning by Carribean Tan, and Eyebrow Design.

We are committed to the well being of our clients, thus Our Mission is to constantly Evaluate Every New Product, molecule, or machine technology that launches in the global aesthetic market. If there is a better product or treatment out there, we will try to find it.

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